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12" Cast Iron Skillet Pre-Seasoned - Fire Iron by Winco (Winco CAST-12)

12" Cast Iron Skillet Pre-Seasoned - Fire Iron by Winco (Winco CAST-12)
12" Cast Iron Skillet Pre-Seasoned - Fire Iron by Winco (Winco CAST-12)


Product Code: CAST-12

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12 Inch Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet - Fire Iron™ by Winco


Fire Iron™ cast iron cookware by Winco is designed to provide a lifetime of great cooking experiences. The fine smooth interior surface of the skillet is excellent for searing without sticking. Use this cast iron cookware to also saute, fry, boil, braise, bake, and roast. The extra wide handle with molded thumb rest indent provides a more comfortable grip and better handling of the skillet. Fire Iron™ skillets come pre-seasoned and can be used with induction burners and cooktops. Kitchen-to-table service is no problem either with this cast iron cookware.


Pan Diameter - The diameter of this Fire Iron™ Cast-12 cast iron skillet is - 12 inches

Approvals and Ratings:

Induction ready for use with induction style cooktops.

Winco Fire Iron Cast-6 Cast Iron Skillet Induction Ready Cooking MarkMark

Cast Iron Care and Cooking Tips

Cooking Tips

This Fire Iron™ cast iron skillet is pre-seasoned and ready to use, just apply a quick rinse with water, hand dry it and you are ready to start cooking. This skillet can be used on range top burners that use natural and propane gas, electrical coiltops, and induction burner tops. Be sure to pre-heat the skillet before adding food product for best results and because cast iron cookware retains heat so well a lower heat setting is suggested to prevent food from sticking.

Cleaning the Skillet

Wash this cast iron skillet by hand only, do not use a dishwasher. A nylon bristle brush can be used or pan scraper, you can also try simmering water for about a minute on a medium heat setting to remove stuck on stains. Be sure to dry the skillet immediately with a paper towel or link free kitchen towel to prevent surface rust. Rub the entire pan with a light coating of cooking oil and store in a dry location.

Seasoning Tips

Apply the following techniques to this cast iron skillet to season it and maintain good cooking performance:

  • Scrub - Scrub the entire skillet inside and outside in hot water with a nylon bristle brush or scouring pad.
  • Wash - Thoroughly wash the entire skillet with hot water, then dry with a paper or lint free towel.
  • Oil - Coat the entire skillet inside and outside with a food-safe cooking oil.
  • Bake - Turn the skillet upside down and bake in an oven at 150 degrees F for 1-hour, turn the oven off and let the pan cool down naturally. Store the skillet in a dry area and do not cover the top with a lid, hanging the skillet is the best option.