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Anets Fryers
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Anets Commercial Fryers

“Quality is just the beginning.”

In 1926 the Anetsberger Brothers brought fresh new ideas to the food service industry. They introduced the world to the first thermostatically controlled fryer and a lifetime of quality and reliability. Throughout the years Anets has grown into a leader in the food service equipment industry. Be it from the automatic lifts on gas fryers they were the first to install, automated production tables, pyrolytic self-cleaning charbroilers, or dough rollers with built-in dough dockers — Anets has created a legacy of dependability and consistency.

Food Service Equipment

  • Anets GoldenFry Series Fryers
    • This series of fryers provides a high capacity of frying space along with easy cleaning ability at an economical price. Each of the fryers in this series are made to create delicious, crisp foods sure to meet your customers’ expectations.
  • Pasta Pro Commercial Pasta Cookers
    • These pasta cookers will go a long way for Italian restaurants and other establishments that produce a high volume of pasta.
  • Anets GoldenGrill and SilverLine Griddles
    • Along with every other product from Anets, these griddles are built to last and to perform. With quality and endurance in mind, these standalone and commercial countertop griddles will complete any kitchen.
  • Anets SilverLine Series Fryers
    • Built to last and made to withstand the wears of the kitchen, these fryers are fairly priced to meet any establishment’s needs.

    Built to Last

    When building or designing a new product or piece of equipment, engineers from Anets always ask themselves how long the item will last. At Anets, they want to be sure every single product that leaves their doors is built for the long haul. Through energy efficiency and user-friendly innovations, Anets provides service-free products that are tough and built to withstand even the toughest of kitchens.


    With their superior technology constantly expanding, Anets puts innovation first in their different fryer lines.

    • Gas fryers:
      • High performance, copper flashed heat exchangers
      • Heat is directly moved to the fry pot
      • Great heat recovery
    • Electric fryers:
      • Low watt density design
      • Helps extend life of heating elements and shortening
    • AH series:
      • High efficiency, non-ceramic burners that will not break or crack
      • No heating tubes
      • Power burner works at all elevations
      • Easier cleaning, larger drain with a curved spout, and advanced controls