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Back Bar Coolers

Keep your beer, spiked seltzers, liquor, and more cold and ready to serve with the right back bar cooler. Commercial back bar coolers offer a convenient way to both save on space and create efficiency at your bar. Designed to fit under your bar countertop or in other tight spaces, back bar coolers are designed to take up a limited amount of room while also providing your bartenders an easy grab-and-go system while serving customers on a busy night. Gator Chef offers back bar coolers in a variety of sizes and styles, such as glass door, sliding door, pass thru, and solid door.

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Commercial Back Bar Coolers

Keep beer cold and ready to serve in a commercial back bar cooler. Back bar coolers come in a multitude of sizes and styles, sure to meet the demands of your bar, night club, restaurant, and the like. Give your bartenders easy serving access to all the beer and liquor needed to be kept cold while still saving on space. In most bars, time is money, and space is a hot commodity. A back bar cooler will fit neatly under your counter while providing an efficient serving system. Browse through our glass door, solid door, and sliding door options above.