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Bakery Cases

The best bakery has the best display cases. How do you entice your customers? By showing off all those deletable desserts — perfectly piped, frosted, and clearly visible to every person who walks in your bakery, restaurant, or cafe. Whether you need a refrigerated bakery case, non-refrigerated case, or a dry bakery case Gator Chef has it. Make sure your pies, cakes, and cookies are displayed in the right bakery display case. The clear glass with interior lighting is sure to have your pastry goods looking their best.

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In order for your customers to make a purchase, you need to make sure all your baked goods are on display. Commercial bakery cases do just the trick — shine a light on your baked treats for all your customers to see. Showcase your cookies, cakes, cupcakes, and pastries so that every person who comes into your establishment can see them. At Gator Chef we offer large refrigerated display cases as well as smaller cases that can easily sit on a counter. No matter what type of treat you need to display, Gator Chef has the commercial bakery case to do so.