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Bakery Grates, Baskets & Screens

When it comes to cooking, cooling, steaming, and more, Gator Chef offers professional bakery grates, baskets, and screens. Use bakery grates when letting your baked goods and or cooked items cool off — the design and wires will let your cookies cool evenly and will also allow things such as grease to drip off other cooked items such as meat. In addition, Gator Chef also provides donut screens, donut baskets, and steamers that can be used for small scale steaming needs. Browse through Gator Chef’s options below to find the right options for your kitchen.

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Whether you’re baking cookies, cooking meatballs, or frying donuts, Gator Chef has the items and tools you need. Gator Chef offers bakery grates, steamers, donut screens, donut baskets, and more. Each of these items provides its own use for your kitchen, from cooling to cooking. For example, steamers will fit inside various stock pots and pans and can cook many different types of food. Donut baskets and screens work to help during the frying and cooling off process. No matter what your need is, Gator Chef has the items to meet your kitchen’s needs.