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Pastry Brushes

Coat your crusts, breads, pastries, and more with the right pastry brushes from Gator Chef. Ideal for glazes, butter, oil, and other toppings, pastry brushes offer a great way to give your baked goods that perfect sweetness. At Gator Chef we offer pastry brushes made from boar bristles, natural bristles, and nylon bristles, available in a variety of widths and finishes on the handle. Check out Gator Chef’s wide selection below to find the right pastry brushes for your kitchen.

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Many tools and utensils are involved when making and creating the perfect baked goods, including professional pastry brushes. These brushes offer an easy, yet efficient way to ensure you are coating your pastry, crust, or bread with the right amount of oil, butter, or other liquid glaze. Gator Chef offers the above pastry brushes with various bristles such as boar and nylon, all available in varying widths. This way, depending on what your kitchen’s needs are, Gator Chef has you covered.