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Back Bar Refrigeration

Back bar refrigeration offers a convenient place to both store and serve popular drinks, such as beer. Your bartenders can easily grab a bottle or can and serve it without hassle. Gator Chef offers several different types of back bar refrigerators such as coolers, glass fosters, beer dispensers, and more. Serve your customers cans, bottles, and ice cold draft beers of their favorite domestic or imported lager. We offer back bar refrigerators in many sizes and styles -- sliding door, glass door, solid door, etc. Check out our categories below to find the right piece of equipment to both store and keep drinks cold and ready to serve.

  • Back Bar Coolers

    Back Bar Coolers

    Keep your beer, spiked seltzers, liquor, and more cold and ready to serve with the right back bar cooler. Commercial back bar coolers offer a convenient way to both save on space and create efficiency at your bar. Designed to fit under your bar countertop or in other tight spaces, back bar coolers are designed to take up a limited amount of room while also providing your bartenders an easy grab-and-go system while serving customers on a busy night. Gator Chef offers back bar coolers in a variety of sizes and styles, such as glass door, sliding door, pass thru, and solid door.

  • Bottle Coolers

    Bottle Coolers

    Serve your customers ice cold, refreshing beer with the right size bottle cooler for your bar, restaurant, night club, or the like. Bottle coolers are a stylish way to store all your customers’ favorite beers. We offer bottle coolers in black vinyl and stainless steel finishes to match the look and aesthetic of your bar. In addition, make sure you grab a cooler with a built-in bottle opener to ensure your bartenders can easily open and serve beer on the go.

  • Direct Draw and Club Top Kegerators

    Beer Dispensers

    Pour and serve ice cold draft beer with one of Gator Chef's commercial beer dispensers. Whether you're pouring a local craft beer or a domestic favorite, we have the beer dispensers to meet your needs. For smaller bars and pubs, we offer kegerators and club top dispensers with one or two door coolers and a limited number of tap handles. For larger breweries and sports bars, we provide four door coolers with a multitude tap handles. Whatever your need, we have beer dispensers in a variety of sizes and styles sure to meet your consumer demand and space. Browse through our beer dispensers below to find the right fit for your bar.

  • Glass Frosters

    Glass Frosters

    Glass frosters are the perfect piece of equipment that can add a frosty layer of coldness to any glass or mug. When serving draft beers, it’s common knowledge that beer tastes better in a nice cold glass. These glass frosters are built to keep all your glasses and mugs cold throughout the day and into the night. Keep your customers coming back by serving them cold beer in a chilled glass. At Gator Chef, we have all the restaurant and bar equipment to help outfit your kitchen or tavern!

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Commercial Back Bar Refrigeration

At Gator Chef we offer an assortment of back bar refrigerators, sure to meet the needs of your bar, night club, restaurant, and the like. Whether you’re looking specifically for back bar coolers with direct draws, bottle coolers, or glass frosters, we have the equipment. Serve your customers cold drinks from cans, bottles, and right from the draft. We offer top-quality equipment from trusted manufacturers such as True Refrigeration, Turbo Air, and Norlake. Browse through our options above to find the right back bar refrigerator for your bar or restaurant.