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Bar Shakers & Jiggers

Create the perfect mixed drink or cocktail with our selection of bar shakers and jiggers. Whether your customers are searching for classic drinks like an Old Fashioned, a fancy martini, or just a regular old mixed drink — at Gator Chef, we have the bar supplies to help your bartenders pour and serve all night long. Choose from a variety of shakers in a multitude of sizes to keep mixed drinks chilled, cold, and ready to serve. Our supply of jiggers also comes in various sizes to help meet the demands of whatever drink your customer desires. With stainless steel options and a plethora of sizes, your bartenders will be serving the perfect mixed drinks.

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Mix the perfect drink or cocktail with jiggers and shakers

Whether your customers are looking for margaritas, mojitos, or manhattans — at Gator Chef, we have the bar supplies you need. From bar shakers and jiggers to liquor pourers and bar blenders, we have you covered. Bar shakers offer a unique way to mix drinks while also keeping them chilled and cool; in addition, jiggers ensure equal pouring/measuring for every drink. Browse through our selection of shakers and jiggers above, all available in various sizes, to help your bartenders serve, mix, and pour all night.