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Buckets, Mops, and Brooms

Be sure your restaurant is clean by always stocking up on the right buckets, mops, and brooms. Whether you’re outfitting a new establishment or restocking your kitchen, Gator Chef has the cleaning supplies you need. Sweep away unwanted dust and other particles, mop up floors and other messes, and always keep your restaurant, kitchen, and restrooms as clean as can be. In the food service industry, no matter what type of business you own, buckets, mops, and brooms are necessary tools when it comes to cleanliness.

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Sweeping and Mopping Accessories

When it comes to cleanliness in the food service industry, nothing can be overlooked. There are certain items every establishments needs, no matter what type of food you serve or what type of restaurant you run. Everyday items like buckets, mops, and brooms are simply a necessity for any place that serves food. You need to keep your floors clean and sanitary at all times, let Gator Chef help by providing you with the buckets, mops, and brooms you need.