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Chef Knives & Commercial Cutlery

A good knife set is vital to any chef, which is why we at Gator Chef carry only the highest quality and most trusted brands of commercial cutlery and chef knives. Having the right knife set is essential to any kitchen. When it comes to rushes and busy nights at your restaurant, you want to be sure you have the right knife from the right brand for the job. Time is invaluable for any chef, so when there’s not a minute to waste, let Gator Chef provide the right commercial knives for your kitchen. From utility knives to boning knives — Gator Chef has the right cutlery to ensure reliability and durability in your kitchen. Choose a category below to see all of our restaurant cutlery and accessories.

Chef Knives and Commercial Cutlery

The importance of good, high quality chef knives cannot be overstated. So when selecting the restaurant cutlery you will personally use or outfit your commercial kitchen with, it’s important that you have access to the very best. That’s why Gator Chef offers a full selection of highly rated commercial chef knife sets, kitchen cutlery, and utensils from top-rated manufacturers like Winco, Royal Industries, and Johnson Rose. Gator Chef has a full line up of top rated solutions from the best manufacturers in the industry. Click any category above to see a full list of the chef knives and commercial cutlery.