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Before food gets served to your customers it gets cooked; before it gets cooked, it needs to be prepped. Where does one prep? On the work table. Stainless steel work tables are ideal for any type of restaurant when it comes to basic food prep as well as more heavy duty tasks such as chopping, pounding, rolling, and more. Work tables provide your kitchen with extra space for prep work, utensils, and the like. Work tables come in various depths, styles, and wears. Read below to help figure out what style is right for your kitchen!

Sizes and Styles


    Economy stainless steel work tables are best for businesses running on a budget, or those that don’t see a high volume of prep work. Used mostly for basic, everyday tasks of the kitchen, these tables, while not offering protection against corrosive elements, prove to be inexpensive and quite useful for the average tasks every kitchen sees.

    • Made from 430 stainless steel
    • 18 gauge
    • Ideal for areas where there exists less exposure to moisture or corrosive elements
    • Used for general activities, not meant for heavy duty usage
    • Economical, low-cost work table


    Standard stainless steel work tables function well in a variety of situations. If your kitchen is one that sees a variation in temperature or in food prep, a standard work table will suit you well. Built more durable than the economy and fit for moist areas where corrosion is a concern, standard stainless steel work tables will provide more ability and longevity for a bit more money than the economy.

    • Made from 304 stainless steel
    • 16 gauge
    • Suited for areas with high exposure to moisture and other corrosive elements to eliminate rust
    • Ideal for food prep and other activities

    Heavy Duty:

    Heavy duty stainless steel work tables are made for intensive wear and tear. These tables see a large amount of use on a daily basis and offer the best durability for the most use. Ideally suited for prep work when making pizzas or working in a butcher shop (eg: rolling out dough, pounding, slicing, etc.) — heavy duty stainless steel work tables are made for kitchens with some serious prep work to do. Made from 304 stainless steel

    • Premium 14 gauge
    • Can withstand heavy wear and tears of the kitchen — including repeated pounding, slicing, and other intensive activities
    • Higher priced, best used for prep work and kitchens that will see a lot of daily use

Most work tables are offered in various sizes, some with an under shelf for more storage, and some without. Check out what Gator Chef has to offer here! If you don’t see the style or size you’re looking for, give us a call at 888-944-2867 for more available sizes and styles.

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