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Color Coded Cutting Boards

Keep food safety first by using color-coded cutting boards. These cutting boards are color coded so you can be sure particles don’t mix and that cross contamination can be avoided at all times. Gator Chef offers color-coded cutting boards to help keep your vegetables and fruit, raw poultry, raw meats, raw seafood, and cooked meats all separate. This helps not only with food safety but with organization as well. Browse through Gator Chef’s NSF certified, color-coded cutting boards below to find what’s right for your kitchen.

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Prevent Cross Contamination with Color Coded Cutting Boards

Food safety and the prevention of cross contamination is of utmost importance in the food service industry. Color-coded cutting boards separate what you’re cutting by color, so this way you can keep certain foods with certain colors. At Gator Chef we offer several color-coded cutting boards in a variety of sizes, all NSF approved. Be sure your kitchen is practicing food safety and preventing the spread of contamination by using color-coded cutting boards.