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Commercial Charbroilers

Give your customers the best burgers, chicken, or steak with a commercial charbroiler from Gator Chef. We offer a wide variety of charbroilers, including both countertop and stand-alone charbroilers. In the food service industry, space is often hard to come by; countertop charbroilers avoid taking up extra floor space while still allowing for ample cooking room. Conversely, stand-alone charbroilers give plenty of cooking space with storage and movability options, while not taking up precious countertop space. Our selection of charbroilers includes a plethora of sizes ranging from 12 inches all the way up to 72 inches to help meet the demands of your kitchen. We also provide various styles of charbroilers including both gas and electric, as well as lava rock and radiant. Check out our options below from trusted manufacturers such as Star and Turbo Air.

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Commercial Radiant and Lave Rock Style Charbroilers

At Gator Chef we offer a wide variety of commercial charbroilers to fit your restaurant, bar, or other foodservice establishment. Choose from radiant or lava rock style burner set ups, as well as from heat sources of natural gas, propane gas, or electric. These charbroilers can be used to sit on top of an equipment stand or in some cases sit directly on the counter itself. We also offer stand-alone charbroilers to help save on countertop space. Our charbroilers range in size from 12 inches wide to 72 inches wide, fit for both low and high volume work. Check out all of our commercial charbroilers above to find the right size and style for your foodservice establishment.