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Commercial Countertop Induction Cookers

Induction cookers pose a number of benefits for most any kitchen, specifically those that are mobile such as catering businesses, buffets, banquets, and food trucks. With mobility in mind, induction cookers are easy to move and fit on countertops to help alleviate any space issues. Induction cookers are lightweight and supply heat to the inside of the pot/pan you’re cooking with rather than the outside. This helps maximize cooking power while saving on energy. We offer induction cookers with various wattage options to help meet the needs of your kitchen.

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Commercial Cooking Equipment

Gator Chef is a restaurant supply store that carries a vast variety of restaurant equipment including commercial countertop induction cookers. These cookers are designed with mobility in mind and help transfer heat to food quickly. At Gator Chef, we carry a long line of commercial cooking equipment along with other types of restaurant equipment. We provide both new and used restaurant equipment to all food service establishments, no matter how big or small.