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Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are an essential item in every kitchen. That’s why Gator Chef offers an assortment of cutting boards in various styles, colors, and sizes. With such a commonly used item one doesn’t usually think about what style or color to get, but when you work in the food service industry, every last detail counts. Gator Chef provides cutting boards made from both durable polyethylene as well as wood, in a multitude of colors. Polyethylene cutting boards prevent bacteria from seeping into the plastic and are easy to clean; having these in several colors also helps to prevent cross contamination by color coding different ingredients. In addition, wood cutting boards offer a durable surface for everyday use. Whatever your preference, Gator Chef offers several different styles of cutting boards, as well as racks and brushes, to match your kitchen’s needs.
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Commercial Cutting Boards

Gator Chef provides an assortment of commercial cutting boards fit for any restaurant or kitchen, no matter what your cooks are chopping. We offer cutting boards in various styles such as polyethylene and wood, presented in different colors and a multitude of sizes. Keep your food safe and clean with any number of Gator Chef’s cutting boards and accessories such as racks and brushes.