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Dining Room Supplies

A perfect dining table gives customer a perfect first impression. We know restaurant supplies in dining room is your business card to customers and we will help to make that impression when customers come into your dining room. From stainless steel flatware to plastic glassware, from coffee supplies to contemporary beer mugs, Gator Chef offers all kind of tabletop dining supplies at wholesale prices.

  • Flatware

    Restaurant Flatware

    PICKING THE RIGHT FLATWARE FOR YOUR RESTAURANT - There are a number of things to think about when buying silverware or flatware for a restaurant. A good set of silverware can last a restaurant for years, while a poor set may cost you more because they do not last for a long time and you need to replace them.

    When selecting restaurant silverware, make sure you order them in a matching pattern. This includes a full array of fork and spoon sizes along with knives and service flatware such as serving spoons and cake knives. Gator Chef supplies all kinds of patterns under various weight such as : Continental, Oxford, Shangari-La, Victoria Pattern, Dominion and more!

    Flatware weight is often a matter of personal preference, but the weight of restaurant flatware is also a good indicator of quality. Lighter utensils are frequently less expensive, though these utensils will likely become bent and misshapen over time. Contrastingly, heavier flatware is more expensive, although these utensils will last for a longer period of time.

    Flatware - Gator Chef
  • Glassware

    Wholesale Glassware

    Gator Chef Restaurant Supply offers a wide selection of popular Beverage Glassware, Bar Glassware and other Restaurant Glassware. Glassware and accessories we offer includes: wine glasses, beer glasses, water glasses, cocktail glasses, shot glasses, specialty glasses, carafes, decanters, stem ware, and more.
  • Condiment Servers

    Condiment Servers

    Give your customers easy access to ketchup, mustard, sugar, and the like with the right condiment servers. Conveniently store all your condiments for easy self-service. Add salt and pepper shakers to your tables, as well as condiment caddies or condiment racks with everything your guests could need. At Gator Chef we have the condiment servers you need, whether for oil and vinegar, sugar and syrup, or ketchup and mustard. Whether you're looking for condiment servers for a salad bar, coffee shop, or burger place, we have you covered.

  • Orders & Service

    Restaurant Orders and Service

  • Ash Trays & Cigarette Butt Receptacle

    Restaurant Ash Trays and Cigarette Butt Receptacle

    Restaurant Ash Trays are necessity for any restaurants, bars, and hotels wishing to cater to smoking customers. Gator Chef offer both economy and deluxe commercial ash trays, manufactured by Royal Industries, Winco, Johnson Rose, and more. Our plastic ash trays are easy to clean, as well as heat and break-resistant. We also offer Cigarette Butt Receptacle, made of flame-retardant sturdy polyethylene so that it won't rust dent or crack. Find the best ash tray and cigarette butt receptacle at Gator Chef Restaurant Supply.

Commercial Dining Room Supplies

Whether you run a fast food restaurant, local bar, banquet hall or fine dining establishment, we have all the tabletop supplies and dining room supplies you'll need! We've got a huge selection of flatware, glassware, chinaware, condiment servers for our customers to set the dining tables. We also provide buffet & catering supplies, beverage service, food trays, baskets, and serving dishes for you to better serve your customers.

Shop all essentials for your dining room at Gator Chef. Contact us if you have any questions.