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Food Pans & Accessories

Food pans and accessories are the workhorses in many kitchens. Durable and long-lasting, these stainless steel and plastic pans, covers, bain maries, and vegetable insets will be sure to last you a while. No matter what type of business you have – whether you’re catering for an outdoor party or prepping for a busy Saturday night in a high-end restaurant – let Gator Chef help you with all your commercial food pans and accessories. Choose a category below to see top-rated restaurant steam table covers and commercial steam table pans from trusted manufacturers.

Food Pans and Accessories

Whether you need to store, cook, or prep — food pans and other accessories will help do the job. These are necessities to every kitchen, and can aid in an assortment of jobs for a variety of foods. Use stainless steel steam table pans when holding food in either freezing or hot conditions, clear plastic food pans when storing, and bain marie pots and vegetable insets when cooking and serving vegetables and other foods. No matter the need, let Gator Chef provide your kitchen with all the right accessories.