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Trays are essential for serving up scrumptious meals and offering dishes to customers. Serving trays provide a classy way to serve your guests their food while also boosting . These trays are great for caterers, fine dining restaurants, even establishments that offer self-serve options. Gator Chef offers affordable and durable commercial trays in various materials that fit any concept and accentuate a countertop or buffet food display. Keep your dining room service efficient with our high quality tray stands!
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Trays and Tray Stands

Serve your best dishes with a little pizazz; trays and tray stands give your staff a convenient and easy way to serve while also giving off a classy vibe. We offer trays and tray stands in a variety of sizes sure to meet the needs of whatever it is you're serving -- be it pizzas, pasta, steak, or brunch. Browse through our options above to find what size, color, and style work best for your establishment.