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Commercial Slicers

EDU Resources: Guide to Slicers

Portion and slice lunch meats and cheese with the correct commercial foods slicer. For any deli or sandwich shop, commercial food slicers are a necessity. Whether you need a traditional manual slicer for lighter work, or an automatic slicer for heavy duty use, we have the commercial slicer best suited for your needs. We offer slicers with 8, 10, and 12 inch blades to slice small to large pieces of meat and cheese. Still confused about which slicer is the best fit for your kitchen? Click on the link below to view our guide on slicers.

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At Gator Chef we offer a wide variety of commercial food slicers. Food slicers are mostly used for delis and sandwich shops to help make slicing and all other prep work hassle-free. Depending on your need and budget, we offer commercial slicers ranging from light duty to heavy duty capabilities, in manual, semi-automatic, and automatic styles. By using a commercial food slicer you have the ability to portion and slice lunch meats and cheese all day long. Browse through our options above to find the right slicer for your needs.