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Commercial Food Storage Containers

Almost everyone would agree that organization can often be the key to success with any business or project. The same goes for the food service industry. Keep food neatly stored, covered, and fresh with our collection of NSF approved commercial food storage containers. Ideal for storage in restaurants, bars, or any food service establishment – whether in the fridge or on the go – these durable food storage containers will keep your food fresh.

There are (2) types of plastic used for commercial food storage containers: polycarbonate and polypropylene. Both types are dishwasher safe, have molded-in (built-in) handles for carrying, have graduation marking on the outside of the container for measurements, and are available in various quart sizes from 2 qt. up to 22 qt.

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Restaurant Food Storage Containers

Every restaurant needs to pay attention to food safety, so selecting the right food storage containers is absolutely necessary. From clear and round food storage containers to colored and square food storage containers, you can find everything you need for food storage at Gator Chef restaurant supply store. We provide NSF approved polycarbonate, plastic, and glass food containers in different colors and sizes to fit your needs!