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Ice Dispensers

For any establishment that offers beverages, an ice dispenser is a necessity. Commercial ice dispensers are ideal for restaurants, cafes, hotels, and more. Whether for back-of-the-house drink preparation or self-service, ice dispensers are a vital part of any business that provides soft drinks, water, and the like. At Gator Chef our ice dispensers are offered with small or large bin capacities, along with the ability to increase ice capacity by adding-on an additional head machine head depending on your need. Make dispensing ice quick and easy for both your staff and/or your customers.
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Ice Dispenser Machines for Commercial Use

Commercial ice dispensers provide the most effective way to provide your guests with ice, whether at a hotel or at a restaurant. Almost every business offers water or other beverages, whether for guests to serve themselves or for staff to prepare — either way, ice dispensers prove to be a necessary piece of equipment. Check out our options above; we provide models with various bin capacities capable of meeting any needs.