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Commercial Ice Makers, Ice Dispensers & Ice Storage Bins

Make, dispense, and store ice with the proper ice making equipment. Whether you own a bar, restaurant, cafe, or buffet — your customers will need a drink. From a simple glass of water to intricate cocktails, they all require ice. At Gator Chef we offer a wide variety of ice making, ice dispensing, and ice storage systems, all from trusted manufacturers such as Ice-O-Matic, Scotsman and Hoshizaki. Make your ice while saving space with an undercounter ice machine; choose the right type of ice for your business with modular ice cube machines or flake and nugget ice machines. In addition, we also offer ice storage bins and several accessories sure to meet your business’s needs.

Commercial Ice Making Equipment

At Gator Chef we offer a plethora of ice making, ice dispensing, and ice storing equipment. In the food service industry, no matter the type of business, ice will need to be made, dispensed, and stored. Whether your business will feature self-dispensing ice and drink equipment or various undercounter ice-making machines, Gator Chef has the equipment you need. Complete your restaurant or bar with the right types of ice and ice storage equipment, as well as any accessories to help serve your guests cool, refreshing drinks all day and all night long.