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Ice Totes

On your busiest night the last thing you want is to run out of ice, or for your bartenders or servers to have to run back and forth to the ice machine every time a drink needs to be made. To relieve unnecessary stress, ice totes are an easy and sanitary way to transport ice through your business. Ideal for restaurants and bars especially, these totes provide for several gallons of ice and are equipped with handles for easy carrying and filling. Keep your station stocked with ice and ready to go at all times.
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Commercial Ice Totes

Ideal for use in large restaurants or any bar, ice totes offer a convenient and safe way to transport ice. When your restaurant or bar grows busier by the hour, drinks need to be filled as quickly as possibly. Restaurant ice buckets offer a swift and easy way to supply ice. At Gator Chef, we offer ice totes equipped with handles for easy carrying, as well as lids to ensure nothing spills over.