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Display Refrigerators

Creatively showcase beverages, snacks, salads, and more with a display refrigerator, otherwise known as a merchandiser. Display refrigerators come in many shapes and sizes, such as merchandising reach-in refrigerators or merchandising reach-in freezers. Keep your products chilled while also maximizing your display abilities to create impulse buys. There is no better way to stock and show beverages, snacks, and frozen pizzas at your store than with a glass-door display refrigerator. These countertop, glass-door, and open-air display refrigerators will surely increase your profits. Gator Chef supplies both swing door and sliding door display refrigerators for convenience stores, floral shops, and more.

  • Merchandising Freezers

    Merchandising Freezers

    For a convenience store, or any self-serve establishment, a merchandising freezer is a necessity for perishable food items. Merchandising freezers come in many forms, with glass doors that swing or slide open, allowing customers to see all your products; or constructed with an open front (open air merchandiser) like the typical “grab-n-go” style, which then allows customers to easily pick their selections. Gator Chef sells a variety of refrigerated freezer styles that have different door configurations such as swinging or sliding glass doors and varying internal cubic foot capacities that are divided into either one section, two sections, or three sections.

  • Convenience Store / Self Serve Merchandisers

    Open Air Curtain Merchandisers

    Increase impulse buys at your store by having a self serve or open air curtain merchandiser. Ideal for any type of convenience store, cafeteria, deli, and the like, an open air curtain merchandiser gives your customers easy accessibility to your products. There is no better way to stock and display beverages, snacks, and other items at your store than in an open air curtain merchandiser. We offer open air curtain merchandisers in both horizontal and vertical styles, and in a multitude of capacities. Increase your profit by displaying all your products underneath bright lights with an easy grab-and-go unit.

  • Floral Display Merchandiser

    Floral Display Merchandisers

    Display flower arrangements, plants, and more with one of Gator Chef's floral display merchandisers. These glass door floral merchandisers are sure to showcase your roses, carnations, and other flowers for all your customers to see. Floral display merchandisers feature the best way to display bouquets, corsages, boutonnières, roses, and more. We offer these units in several sizes to accommodate the needs and size of your business.

Display Refrigerators and Merchandising

Showcase all your beverages, snacks, frozen pizzas, and more with the right display refrigerator for your kitchen. At Gator Chef we offer a wide variety of display refrigerators in the form of coolers and freezers, as well as convenience store, self-serve, and floral display merchandisers. This way, whether you want to show off pink carnations or specialty salads — we’ve got you covered. Available as countertop, glass-door, and open-air display refrigerators, we have the right piece of equipment to match your business’s needs