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Commercial Mixers

When it comes to making the best pizzas and cupcakes, there’s one thing in common — producing the best batter/dough. Commercial mixers are a must for any establishment that produces pizza and/or desserts such as cupcakes and cakes. Easily mix batters, whip frostings, knead dough, and more with the right commercial mixer. We offer these mixers in various styles to help meet your demands. Whether you see a low volume amount of work or a high volume, we have mixers with capacities ranging from 10 quarts to 80 quarts. We also offer both stand and floor mixers, for lighter or heavier work.
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What do pizza places and bakeries both have in common? The need for commercial mixers. At Gator Chef we offer a wide variety of commercial mixers for both standard and heavy duty work. Our mixers are from trusted brands and provide capacities ranging from 10 quarts to 80 quarts, depending on your needs. So whether you’re whipping up chocolate chip cupcakes with a meringue frosting, or a homemade margarita pizza, we have the commercial mixer to best suit your business. Check out our mixer accessories for more additional items and attachments.