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Commercial Rice Cookers

Rice cookers give you the ability to cook rice while also keeping it warm and ready to serve. Whether you're serving stir fry or fried rice, a rice cooker will evenly cook your rice without burning or overcooking it. Rice can be a tricky food to make, a rice cooker takes the worry away by simplifying the process. Our rice cookers have features such as built-in thermostats, are available in various sizes, and are able to fit on countertops. Rice cookers are also good for events on the go, such as catered events. Check out our options below!

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Rice Cookers

Rice can be a hard food to make, which is why rice cookers are a great tool for any kitchen that serves Asian cuisine, stir fry, sushi, and more. Rice can easily burn and overcook, rice cookers avoid this by evenly cooking the rice while keeping it warm and ready to serve. Many rice cookers also feature built-in thermostats and warmers, and come in many different sizes. Browse through our models above to find the right rice cooker to meet the volume of rice you need cooked.