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Steak & Carving Knives

Similar to slicing knives, steak and carving knives work to slice thin cuts of meat. With these knives it’s all about precision and accuracy. Featuring an 8-10 inch blade made to thinly slice through poultry, roasts, and the like, your kitchen will always maintain order and efficiency. At Gator Chef we offer steak and carving knives with stainless steel blades as well as full tang blades and round edges. Available with wooden, polypropylene, plastic, or pom handles — Gator Chef has the options you need.

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Steak and Carving Knives

Commercial steak and carving knives come in use for any kitchen that serves up dishes with lots of meat. Be it steak, pork, poultry, duck, or anything in-between, professional steak knives as well as professional carving knives work to thinly slice through meat with an abundance of precision. Browse through Gator Chef’s selection of these commercial steak and carving knives to find the right blade and handle for your kitchen.