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Strainers and Colanders

Many products have become staples in the kitchen – strainers and colanders being two of them. For many recipes and dishes there are going to be vegetables and other foods that need to be drained and strained before being cooked or served. That’s why Gator Chef offers a variety of strainers and colanders in all different shapes and sizes. For everyday, typical use Gator Chef provides mesh strainers in a variety capacities and styles, with options of fine, medium, and double mesh. For stocks and sauces, China Cap strainers present a different shape to meet the various needs of your kitchen. Gator Chef also offers speciality items like bouillon strainers for all those other dishes that require different products. Browse through our diverse selection of strainers and colanders to find the right fit for your kitchen.
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Commercial Strainers & Colanders

Whether you need to drain and strain vegetables or pasta, Gator Chef offers a diverse amount of restaurant strainers and colanders fit for a variety of foods. In the kitchen, vegetables and pastas come in many sizes, long and lean, short and stout — the possibilities are nearly endless. At Gator Chef, we understand this, which is why we offer restaurant quality strainers and colanders in differing styles such as mesh, China cap, and bullion, all offered in various shapes and sizes.