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Cutting Boards Racks & Brushes

When it comes to caring for your cutting boards, Gator Chef has the tools and accessories to do so. Cutting board racks and brushes offer the simplest ways to keep your cutting boards clean and organized. At Gator Chef we offer a variety of cutting board racks to fit a number of different boards. Likewise, we also offer color-coded brushes to coincide with your boards so you can always prevent cross contamination. Check out our brushes and racks below to find the right fit for your cutting boards.

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Cutting Board Storage Racks and Color Coded Cleaning Brushes

Be sure your kitchen and all your tools are clean and organized with cutting board racks and brushes from Gator Chef. If organization is the key to success, keep your cutting boards neat and organized by utilizing a rack. Whether your kitchen uses plastic or wooden cutting boards, be sure you’re keeping them clean by using the proper brushes. At Gator Chef we offer cutting board racks and color-coded brushes sure to keep your kitchen neat and organized.