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Dredgers - Baking Dredge Shakers

A dredger, often called a shaker, can be a vital tool when working with desserts and other treats. Have a cake or cupcake that needs powdered sugar or flour dusted on top? Avoid the hassle of putting too much or little on by using a commercial dredge shaker. Perfect for spreading light amounts of ingredients, Gator Chef offers these professional dredge shakers in aluminum, plastic, and stainless steel finishes. Browse through our options below to find the right shaker for your kitchen.

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After you bake and create the perfect cake, you finish it off with frosting and icing, and perhaps then powdered sugar. To ensure you put just the right amount of powdered sugar on, Gator Chef offers professional dredgers, otherwise known as baking shakers. Particularly of use when applying powdered sugar, dusted flour, cocoa, or other fine ingredients to baked goods, professional dredge shakers are a great asset when topping off all those tasty treats.