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Commercial Dual Temperature Refrigerator and Freezer

Time and space are invaluable in any commercial kitchen, every restauranteur knows this. To save both of these things, and to add convenience to your kitchen, check out one of our dual temperature refrigerators and freezers. Dual temperature reach-in refrigeration units are configured either side-by-side or top-bottom with one section as a refrigerator and the other as a freezer. Store all your perishable foods and ingredients without hassle and ensure proper food safety. Units are available with a variety of features like stainless steel exteriors, pvc coated shelving, door locks, and much more.

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Dual Temperature Commercial Refrigerator and Freezer Combinations

Commercial dual temperature refrigerators and freezers offer both convenience and a solution save space. Depending on your kitchen’s size and volume, you might need to think of quality and convenience. At Gator Chef we offer both of these things — the assurance of a trusted brand and the simplicity of a dual temperature refrigerator and freezer. Offered in differing capacities to meet the volume of your kitchen, you’re sure to find the size and style to match your business’s needs.