Do Energy Star Restaurant Equipment Really Save Me Money?

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Sure, EnergyStar® products are great for the environment. But when cutting costs for a new business or remodeling an existing one, many business owners wonder whether the EnergyStar® label will actually save them money in the long run.

The short answer is yes. EnergyStar® restaurant equipment will, either over the course of a year or the lifetime of the machine, ultimately save you at the very least the additional cost of an EnergyStar® versus an inefficient machine. What’s more, it will save you money in ways you never predicted- in local and Federal benefits, long-term usage, resale value, and more.

First Things First

The first factor in determining how efficient EnergyStar® will be for you is to determine your local energy cost. In some places, electricity and gas can be double the costs in other areas, so where you hang your “Open” sign is the first place to start.

The EnergyStar® website ( can show you the percentage of electricity used with an EnergyStar® appliance versus it’s non-compliant competitor. Knowing your energy bill rates will help you figure the exact amount of savings.

Local and Federal Benefits

Before you set foot on a showroom floor or start shopping online, check your local and federal energy rebates. In some cases, you can receive hundreds of dollars back on large ticket items. This should be your first stop to help you determine which parameters to shop within to give you the greatest value.

Search for “green rebates", “energy rebates” or visit EnergyStar®’s website to find your local deals.

Long-Term Use

EnergyStar®’s website also has formulas to help you figure energy savings over the course of time. Called “Simple Payback,” this rate coupled with your local energy rates give you the most accurate energy savings number. Use this to evaluate each purchase over the course of the item’s expected life span. Will you have that walk-in freezer for ten years? Will your range last at least five? Chances are, your initial cost on an EnergyStar® item will dwindle close to zero the longer you have the machine.

Resale Value

As EnergyStar® appliances and restaurant equipment become more and more popular, even required in some places, in a few short years only energy efficient machines will have resale value. Some even predict future penalties on non-efficient businesses, so stay ahead of the game and ensure you’ll get the most you can from your purchase, both through use and resale.


In eight out of ten pieces of restaurant equipment, the price difference between energy draining and EnergyStar® is negligible. Regardless of upfront price, your energy efficiency savings will save you money in 10 out of 10. It’s simply smart business to buy EnergyStar®. Both your profits and the earth will benefit.

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