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Fisher DrainKing Cast Red Brass Twist Lever Waste Valve with Flat SS Strainer, (22209)

Fisher 22209 Cast Red Brass Twist Lever Waste Valve
Fisher 22209 Twist Lever Waste Valve


Product Code: 22209

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Fisher DrainKing Brass Twist Lever Waste Valve

The Fisher 22209 DrainKing twist lever waste valve does not leak! The weakest link in other manufacture's drain valves that causes leaking, the "O"-ring, has been removed.

Fisher DrainKing waste valves replace the standard rubber "O"-ring with a stainless steel ball valve that uses top and bottom teflon PTFE seals. A stainless steel ball valve is the same technology that is used in gas shut-off valves which have to be manufactured to critical specifications to prevent leakage. Fisher has taken that same proven technology and designed it into their DrainKing series of commercial waste valves to provide a "leak-proof" design saving you on water costs!


The 22209 DrainKing twist lever waste valve's body is constructed of solid casting of red brass. The ball valve is made of stainless steel and has dual teflon PTFE top and bottom seals that resist corrosive fluids like detergents, sanitizing agents and high-temperatures. The clamping rings is made of a heavy-duty stainless steel along with the flat strainer.

The outlet body that connects to the drain lines has both an outside male 2" inch NPT thread and a female inside 1-1/2" inch NPT thread so no adapter is required.

Fisher model 22209 DrainKing Lever Waste

Fisher DrainKing Lever Waste Valve:

1. Stainless Steel Rotary Ball Valve - Not a "pop-up" style - No O-Ring to leak.
2. Solid Red Brass Body.
3. Extra Sturdy Stainless Steel Clamping Ring - quickly installs without disassembly.
4. DUAL PTFE Seals - double protection against leaking and corrosion.
5. 2" NPT Male and 1-1/2" Female Outlet Threads - no adapters required.
6. Rotary Valve - shears off obstructions.
7. "Clear Through" Opening - no need to disassemble if snaking is required.
8. No Cam Mechanism - no internal parts to restrict flow.
9. Industry Standard "Sealing" Angle - fits flush to standard stainless steel sinks.
10. 1/4 Turn Fully Opens and Closes Valve.
11. Stainless Steel Flat Strainer.