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Fisher Brass Ultra Spray Plus Pre-Rinse Spray Valve 1.15 GPM Nozzle (2949)

Fisher 2949 Ultra-Spray-Plus brass pre-rinse faucet spray valve with 1.15 GPM water saving nozzle. exceeds the EPA's WaterSense standard.
Fisher 2949 Ultra-Spray-Plus Brass Spray Valve


Product Code: 2949

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Fisher Ultra Spray Plus Pre-Rinse Spray Valve with 1.15 GPM Nozzle

The Fisher 2949 Ultra Spray Plus pre-rinse spray valve saves on water usage without compromising on performance. It's 1.15 GPM spray nozzle exceeds the EPA's WaterSense standard and it's spray pattern provides enough high-pressure to be the best at blowing garbage of dishware, this has been test proven!


The 2949 Ultra Spray Plus pre-rinse spray valve body is made from brass with a chrome plated finish and has a high-strength bronze alloy handle that won't break or bend. It's high-efficiency 1.15 GPM nozzle is screwed and glued into the brass valve body, there are no o-rings to leak!

The Ultra Spray Plus 2949 connects to the pre-rinse's handle using a 3/4-14 UN male thread.

Interchangeable with ALL BRANDS of Pre-Rinse Faucets:

The Fisher brass 2949 Ultra Spray Plus spray valve can be used with all brands of pre-rinse faucets. It uses a 3/4-14 UN thread size which is a standard for the food service industry allowing it to screw into any brand of pre-rinse handle assembly.

Whether needing to replace a broken pre-rinse spray valve or wanting to save on water usage you can use the Fisher 2949 Ultra Spray Plus.

Spray Head:

1. 1.15 GPM Energy Efficient Nozzle - No O-Rings to leak.
2. High-Strength Bronze Alloy Handle - Not Plastic - won't bend providing "Full On" operations.
3. Fits All Brands of Pre-Rinse Units. Can Easily be used as replacement for competitor's hose.
4. Ultra-Spray - advanced, high efficiency design - 1.15 GPM @ 60 PSI. Reduced flow rate saves water.
5. Standardized Internal Gaskets - easy to repair.
6. Standard Protective Full-Surrounding Dish Guard Bumper eliminates leaking.
7. Optional Snap-In Cleaning Brush
8. Built-in Spray Handle Clip - designed not to fall off.

Fisher model 2949 Ultra Spray Plus Spray Valve Diagram