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Fisher Pre-Rinse Faucet Backsplash Mount with 8" Centers and E-Z Install Adapters, (64793)

Fisher model 64793 brass commercial kitchen Pre-Rinse faucet with backsplash style mounting on 8 inch centers and 1/2 inch water inlets. Includes Fisher's exclusive EZ Install Adapters for faucet replacement.
Fisher 64793 Brass Pre-Rinse Backsplash Mount


Product Code: 64793

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Fisher Pre-Rinse Faucet Backsplash Mount with 8 Inch Centers and EZ Install Adapter

Fisher Commercial Kitchen Pre-Rinse faucets have set industry standards with features that other brands just don’t offer. The 64793 Pre-Rinse unit features Fisher’s 3-Ply armor clad aircraft hydraulic hose and their Ultra Spray/Plus spray valve making it the best choice for the toughest commercial cleaning applications.


The Fisher 64793 Pre-Rinse Faucet is made from brass with a chrome plating, is lead free, and complies with the reduction of lead in drinking water act. It has a heavy duty riser pipe with a heavy duty wall bracket that securely mounts it to the wall for added support, heavy duty spring, and an insulated handle and squeeze lever for comfort.

Valve Body:

A key feature of the Fisher 64793 Pre-Rinse unit is its exclusive swivel valve stem and stainless steel seat. The swivel valve stem and stainless seat design virtually eliminate the problems associated with a leaky faucet because it prevents the valve stem washer from prematurely wearing out. The valve body also includes a spring loaded check valve to prevent water cross flow.

Fisher model 64793 Pre-Rinse Faucet Hose Diagram


1. 3-Ply "aircraft Hydraulic Inner Hose - lasts three times longer. Hose is rated at 250 PSI,140 degrees F.
2. Standard NPT Threads, Fits ALL Brands of Pre-Rinse Units.
3. Stainless Steel Armor Jacket.
4. Stainless Steel Collars - for extra durability.
5. Easily Repairable in the Field with simple hand tools.
6. Extended Length Threaded Insert - securely seals inner hose.

Fisher model 64793 Pre-Rinse Faucet Spray Valve Diagram

Spray Head:

1. 1.15 GPM Energy Efficient Nozzle - No O-Rings to leak.
2. High-Strength Bronze Alloy Handle - Not Plastic - won't bend providing "Full On" operations.
3. Fits All Brands of Pre-Rinse Units. Can Easily be used as replacement for competitor's hose.
4. Ultra-Spray - advanced, high efficiency design - 1.15 GPM @ 60 PSI. Reduced flow rate save water.
5. Standardized Internal Gaskets - easy to repair.
6. Standard Protective Full-Surrounding Dish Guard Bumper eliminates leaking.
7. Optional Snap-In Cleaning Brush
8. Built-in Spray Handle Clip - designed not to fall off.

EZ Install Apapters:

This product also includes Fisher’s EZ Install Adapters. With the EZ Install Adapter it makes commercial kitchen faucet replacement almost effortless because the adapters allow the existing connections to the water lines behind the dish sink’s backsplash to stay in place. This means that the sink does not have to be removed from the wall to change out the faucet, saving time and money. Most restaurateurs choose to do the replacement themselves without the need of a plumber. Adapters are provided for all major brands of commercial kitchen faucets including Krowne, T&S, Chicago Faucet, Encore, and imports.