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Fisher Manufacturing Commercial Plumbing

Fisher Manufacturing

“Since 1936 Dedicated to Commercial Plumbing”

Fisher Manufacturing has been providing customers some of the most advanced commercial plumbing systems since 1936. Family owned for three generations Fisher is dedicated in providing the highest quality products that outperform the competition in their dependability and overall valve.

Fisher is able to provide superior products because of their uncompromising manufacturing processes. Things like chrome plating that is triple plated -- copper, nickel, and chrome -- for durability. And every plumbing fixture made is rigorously tested in their modern in-house testing center, and in actual field situations under extreme conditions, with every detail thoroughly checked then re-checked before products are made available to the consumer.

We invite you to explore our family of Fisher products, and technical support information for a more in-depth look at why Fisher Manufacturing is the world leader in commercial plumbing equipment and hardware specialties.


Fisher offers a plethora of commercial faucets in various spout lengths with many models to choose from constructed of solid red brass with a nickle plating. Fisher commercial faucets are provided in either 1/2” or 3/4” water supply inlets for an assortment of purposes such as kitchen, bar, lavatory, etc. A key feature of Fisher brass faucets is the exclusive swivel valve stem and stainless steel seat. The swivel valve stem and stainless seat design virtually eliminate the problems associated with a leaky faucet because it prevents the valve stem washer from prematurely wearing out. Fisher faucets are available in several different mounting styles such as back splash, wall, and deck mount. No matter the need, Fisher has a faucet to fit.

Pre-Rinse Faucets

Fisher Commercial Kitchen Pre-Rinse faucets have set industry standards for durability and water conservation with features that other brands just don’t offer. The Fisher Pre-Rinse hose is constructed from a 3-ply aircraft hydraulic rubber hose that lasts three times longer than the competition. Fisher's pre-rinse spray valve, the Ultra-Spray PLUS exceeds the EPA's water saving requirements with a flow rate of just 1.15 GPM. And even though the Ultra-Spray PLUS spray valve has one of the lowest flow rates on the market it produces one of the highest rated spray forces ( as tested and rated by DOE and CEC ) making it the best choice for the toughest commercial cleaning applications.

Ultra-Spray PLUS - Spray Valve

The Fisher 2949 Ultra-Spray PLUS Pre-Rinse spray valve is rated one of the lowest in water usage for commercial pre-rinse spray valves exceeding the EPA's minimum requirements. It's 1.15 GPM spray nozzle exceeds the EPA's WaterSense standard and it's spray pattern provides enough high-pressure to be the best at blowing garbage of dishware, this has been test proven!


The Fisher 2949 Ultra-Spray PLUS can be used as a universal spray valve replacement for non-Fisher brands of pre-rinse faucet. It uses a 3/4-14 UN thread size which is a standard for the food service industry allowing it to screw into any brand of pre-rinse handle assembly.

Fisher 2949 Ultra-Spray PLUS Pre-Rinse Spray Valve

Simple DIY Faucet Replacements With - EZ Install Adapters

Replacing a commercial dish sink faucet with a Fisher is a simple DIY project that most restaurateurs can do themselves. The Fisher EZ Install Adapter makes commercial kitchen faucet replacement almost effortless because the adapters allow the existing connections to the water lines behind the dish sink’s backsplash to stay in place. This means that the sink does not have to be removed from the wall to change out the faucet, saving time and money. Most restaurateurs choose to do the replacement themselves without the need of a plumber. Adapters are provided for all major brands of commercial kitchen faucets including Krowne, T&S, Chicago Faucet, Encore, and imports. Fisher EZ-Install Adapters for Fisher Faucet Installations