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Full Size Flexsil-Lid High-Temp Silicone Lid For Steam Table Pans

Flexsil-Lid High-Temp Silicone Lid For Steam Table Pans – Full Size
Flexsil-Lid High-Temp Silicone Lid For
Steam Table Pans – Full Size


Product Code: PLFS7000

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Flexsil-Lid High-Temp Silicone Steam Table Pan Lid – Full Size


Flexsil-Lid is a revolutionary reusable lid designed to reduce the use of plastic wrap and aluminum foil in commercial kitchens. With its patented lip-lock design this Flexsil-Lid fits all FULL SIZE steam table pans, polycarbonate pans, hotel pans, and gastronorm pans. Its lip-lock freshness seal keeps food fresh longer when stored, speeds up the cooking time when used in ovens, and provides a leak-proof seal for transporting pans without any messy spills.

Save Money

  • Reduces plastic and foil wrap usage.
  • Reduces food spoilage.

Efficient Storage

  • Use the Flexsil-Lid in coolers and freezers, it’s rated down to -40 degrees Fahrenheit and remains flexible.
  • Write directly on Flexsil-Lids with white board markers, it will wash-off, label and date code products.
  • You can stack pans on top of one another with Flexsil-Lids.

Easy Cleaning

Just simply turn the Flexsil-Lid inside out in order to wash away any food residues in the lip-lock edge and place it in the dishwasher to clean. Anything you’ve written on the Flexsil-Lid will wash away too.

Lid Size:

This Flexsil-Lid is made to fit - Full Size - steam table, hotel, poycarbonate, and gastronorm pans.
It measures - 20.59" long x 12.52" wide.

Ratings and Approvals:

Coolers & Freezers - This Flexsil-Lid can be used in coolers and freezers it is rated -40C (-40F) for freezer use.

Cooking - Flexsil-Lids can be used in ovens and microwaves. They are rated for up to 428F (220C) degrees for up to (2) hour in a oven, and up to (10) minutes in a microwave.

A Flexsil-Lid is commercial dishwasher and dish machine safe.

Flexsil-Lids are NSF certified.
NSF Listed Mark