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Fryer Pots and Baskets

Depending on what type of food you prepare, you may find yourself doing a lot of frying. This is especially true for any restaurant that serves common dishes like french fries, chicken strips, and the like. If frying is a regular occurrence at your restaurant, it’s always wise to have a few extra fry baskets on hand. This way if one is ready to be cleaned, it can be immediately replaced by another without compromising efficiency.

Gator Chef offers different sizes of stove top fryers (fryer pots) and wire fry baskets made of commercial strength aluminum. Whether you need a replacement fryer basket, or just want a backup fry basket on hand for busy lunch or dinner services, we’ve got fryer baskets that will fit every type and make of fryer. Be sure to check both the shape and size of the baskets you select to make sure they will fit in the fry pots.

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Fry Pots and Baskets

For some commercial restaurants, fry pots and fry baskets are a hot commodity. For those establishments that serve a lot of fried foods like french fries and onion rings, commercial fry baskets are an absolute must. Along with fry pots, these items prove to be a necessity when outfitting a new kitchen or doubling up on equipment. At Gator Chef, we offer stove top fryers and wire fry baskets to help your kitchen continue to satisfy all your customer’s needs.