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Gastronorm Melamine Steam Table Pans - For Hot & Cold Food

These just might be the best looking foods pans made.
And what that means for you is more food sales!

In the real estate industry, it’s all about “location, location, location.” Well, in the food service industry it’s all about “presentation, presentation, presentation.” Enter: melamine gastronorm pans. These pans are new to the market and feature a laundry list of great qualities.

Construction: Melamine is a durable but lightweight thermo setting plastic. Its strength and hygienic assets make for a long-lasting set of pans that withstand both hot and cold temperatures, is dishwasher safe, and lasts for years.

Usefulness: Complete with an anti-jam design, gastronorm food pans are stackable for storage purposes and feature a footie at the bottom to avoid skidding. Based on standard steam table pan sizes, gastronorm food pans come in Full-Size, Half-Size, One-Third-Size, Two-Third-Size, One-Sixth-Size, and Half-Size-Long -- in both 2-1/2" and 4" depths to accommodate all your best dishes and present them in style.

Presentation: Show off all your best recipes. Melamine gastronorm pans provide a solid white background color to help make all your dishes pop. Whether you are serving prime rib, pasta, or carrots and peas — gastronorm pans help garner attention while making colors pop and food stand out.

Choose something new, something bold, and something that is built to last. Gastronorm pans are an invaluable option when it comes to displaying both hot and cold items.

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White Melamine Plastic Steam Table Pans

Melamine is a durable but lightweight plastic that is built to last and can withstand both hot and cold temperatures. The longevity of these pans is what makes them most appealing, along with their ability to showcase all your best dishes — their solid white background helps make colors pop and food stand out. Gastronorm pans are a unique set of steam table pans that are stackable and are available in a variety of sizes. Check out our options above to find the right set of gastronome melamine pans for your restaurant.