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Grease Traps

Ensure your plumbing systems are running smooth with the use of a proper grease trap. Grease traps are a vital piece of equipment that help prevent grease, other sediments, and solids from getting into the plumbing system. Not only do grease traps help protect your plumbing, but they also help keep grease and other particles from further damaging the environment. At Gator Chef we offer grease traps in various sizes, capable of holding anywhere from 8 pounds to 100 pounds of grease. Check out our options below to find what’s right for your kitchen.
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Grease traps are one of those behind-the-scenes items that prove to be a lifesaver. Prevent grease and other sediments from entering your plumbing system and causing further stress. Grease and other particles can damage not only your plumbing, but they can also enter the environment and do harm. Grease traps help to ensure this does not happen. At Gator Chef we provide grease traps in various sizes, capable of holding small amounts or large amounts of grease depending on the volume of grease your restaurant sees. Check out our options from trusted manufacturers above.