Guide to Commercial Slicers

What to Use and When - Chef Al's Equipment Buyer's Guide's guide to commercial slicers - what to use when

Commercial slicers come in all different styles with varying capacities. Whether you run a deli, restaurant, or a cafeteria in a school — commercial slicers are a great asset to ensure efficiency and precision. When choosing the right slicer, look at the type, capacity, and always take your needs into consideration. To help you choose a slicer for your establishment, check out the information below on the various types and features of commercial slicers.

The Basics. Commercial slicers generally vary by their build and capacity. When choosing the right one for your establishment, first take into consideration what you need to slice and how much of it. For example, do you slice a lot of cheese? Or do a lot of on-demand slicing? Figure out what your needs are, then look into specifics. The basic functions to keep in mind when choosing a commercial slicer are:

  • horsepower
  • blade size
  • capacity
  • safety features
  • manual/automatic design

In a nutshell, the higher the horsepower usually means the more powerful the slicer. As far as blade sizes goes, premium slicers will have larger blades, whereas economy slicers will have smaller ones. With capacity, take a look at the product tray and see if it will accommodate what you have to slice. In terms of design, manual slicers are best suited for lighter work or on-demand slicing at smaller delis or restaurants. Automatic slicers work well in high-volume establishments such as large delis, restaurants, cafeterias, etc.

What to Buy. After all the information, commercial slicers can be broken down into three main categories: premium, mid-level, and economy. Premium. Built for heavy duty use with meat and cheese alike, premium slicers are best for supermarket delis, large kitchens, and the like. These slicers can withstand the demands of all day, everyday use without wearing out. With a production rate of anywhere from 0 - 7/8”, premium slicers are for those delis and restaurants that see a large amount of usage. Mid-level. For medium to heavy use, value or mid-level slicers offer a great option for up to eight hours of use. Built for operation in restaurants, school cafeterias, and smaller delis, value slicers offer the horsepower to produce slices up to 1/2” thick of meat, veggies, and some cheese. Economy. These slicers are better suited for at-home use or in restaurants with a smaller workload. Constructed with the weight and horsepower for a 3-5 hour work day, these slicers will produce slices 1/2” thick.