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Gyro Machines

No restaurant is the same; that’s why we provide a wide variety of equipment such as gyro machines. Gyro machines, also known as vertical broilers, are a speciality item made for those restaurants and diners who serve delicious gyros, wraps, and other Greek dishes. Choose from our selection of high-quality gyro machines made from trustworthy manufacturers such as Star. These machines are constructed from stainless steel and aluminum, and feature adjustable broiling speeds to accommodate a variety of meats. Take a look at our commercial gyro machines above to find the right item for your kitchen.

Commercial Gyro Machines

Gyro machines offer a great way to cook several different types of meats, whether for kabobs, wraps, or pitas. We provide vertical broilers, otherwise known as gyro machines, with several different features, such as maximum control of broiling speeds, adjustable temperatures, various meat capacities, heat shields for concentrated heat cooking, and more. Our gyro machines are available in other electric or gas, and are constructed from durable materials such as stainless steel. Whether you’re serving fast food or traditional Mediterranean dishes, we have the gyro machine to match your demands.