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Ice Cream Scoops & Dishers

Dish out everyone’s favorite frozen treat with the perfect ice cream scoopers and dishers! Use professional ice cream scoopers and spades when serving all those delicious scoops of cookie dough and mint chocolate chip. Designed for hard frozen treats like ice cream, scoopers and spades are made from durable cast aluminum and stainless steel so they can provide you with ample use. On the other hand, portion control dishers do exactly that — control portions. Typically used for softer treats like puddings, or even foods such as mashed potatoes and others sides, dishers make sure every customer gets the same amount each time. Check out Gator Chef’s options below, including baller scoops!

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At Gator Chef we offer a variety of ice cream scoopers and dishers. From scoopers to spades to baller scoops to dishers — we have it all. For hard ice cream, check out our wide selection of top-quality professional scoopers and spades. For softer foods, and for portion control, our selection of dishers will do just the trick. In addition, we also offer baller scoops for small sides of fruit and other toppings. Browse through what Gator Chef has to offer above and find the right utensils for your ice cream parlor, restaurant, or buffet!