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Kitchen Gloves

Protect your employees’ hands by providing top-quality kitchen gloves from Gator Chef. We offer a variety of gloves for several different occasions, this way, whether you’re prepping or cleaning, you can be sure your staff is taking proper precautions. Our kitchen gloves are available in materials such as latex and rubber, or something much heavier such as cut-resistant gloves constructed with three band steel and man-made fiber. Whatever the case, Gator Chef has the kitchen gloves for your kitchen, available in a variety of sizes.

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Gloves for Commercial Kitchen Use

Whether you’re cutting, cleaning, or cooking — protect you and your employees’ hands. At Gator Chef we have rubber gloves for cleaning activities such as washing dishes, butcher gloves that are cut resistant, and even disposable polyethylene gloves. Safety always comes first; by using commercial kitchen gloves you can be sure you and your staff are always protected and practicing proper safety measures.