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Kitchen Scoops

Serve your customers any number of foods with a utility kitchen scoop. These utility scoops can be used for many simple activities such as scooping out ice, popcorn, various candies, and other foods as well. At Gator Chef we offer utility scoops in aluminum and durable polycarbonate, as well in sizes from five ounces all the way up to 85 ounces. So whether you’re looking for a large scoop for a big job, or something smaller for light proportions, Gator Chef has what you need.

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Whether you run a movie theater, candy store, or anything in-between, utility scoops can be of great use. A versatile tool in the kitchen, utility scoops can be used for proportioning, serving, and other tasks. From ice to candy to popcorn to rice — utility scoops go a long way. Gator Chef offers these scoops in aluminum and polycarbonate, in a multitude of sizes. Browse through our options above to find the right utility scoop for your kitchen, buffet, or catering business.