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Mashers and Ricers

When it comes to working with potatoes and other ingredients, certain kitchen utensils are in order. Commercial mashers, ricers, and presses are a few tools that can really help any chef or kitchen staff when it comes to prep work. Get the ideal consistency for your mashed potatoes with a kitchen masher or ricer; use presses such as steak and garlic presses to get that recipe exactly right. Whatever the case, browse through Gator Chef’s options below to find the right masher, ricer, or press for your kitchen.

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Commercial mashers, ricers, and presses can prove to be vital utensils in many kitchens. Whether you need to mash potatoes in a quick and efficient way, or create the perfect light and fluffy batch, Gator Chef has the tools you need in the form of both kitchen mashers and ricers. In addition, when working with meat as well as delicate ingredients such as garlic and onions, kitchen presses come in handy. Whatever your kitchen produces, Gator Chef has the commercial mashers, ricers, and presses sure to meet your needs.