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Merchandising Freezers

For a convenience store, or any self-serve establishment, a merchandising freezer is a necessity for perishable food items. Merchandising freezers come in many forms, with glass doors that swing or slide open, allowing customers to see all your products; or constructed with an open front (open air merchandiser) like the typical “grab-n-go” style, which then allows customers to easily pick their selections. Gator Chef sells a variety of refrigerated freezer styles that have different door configurations such as swinging or sliding glass doors and varying internal cubic foot capacities that are divided into either one section, two sections, or three sections.

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Merchandising Reach-In Freezers

Whether you need to display popsicles and ice cream, or meat and veggies, a merchandising reach-in freezer is an invaluable piece of equipment for showing off your products while also keeping them frozen. Merchandising freezers are available with glass door or open fronts and one, two, or three sections. We offer a wide variety of merchandising reach-in freezers to fit the needs of whatever you sell and how much you sell. Enhance your display and create impulse buys while keeping your products fresh and frozen.