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Gas Connectors and Gas Hoses

Gas connectors and hoses are critical for operating any commercial kitchen. The key component in connecting your appliances to a gas source is the gas hose and associated safety components to secure the gas hose connection. Gator Chef offers a variety of gas connector hose kits with different hose diameters and hose lengths in order to provide an ANSI and CSA code-complaint gas installation that meets national and international moveable equipment standards for commercial food service kitchen equipment. Commercial gas hose kits include all the components needed to make a gas connection – gas shut-off valve, quick disconnect fittings, black gas pipe fittings, and safety restraining cables and hardware to make connections code-compliant.

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Gas Connector Hose Kits

At Gator Chef we supply a wide range of gas connector hose kits. We aim to provide all the tools and items needed to make your kitchen code-compliant, including parts such as gas connectors and gas hoses. Our gas connectors come as part of a kit that includes all the necessary parts to make sure your appliance is correctly connected to a gas source. This includes items such as: the gas hose, gas shut-off valve, safety restraining cables, and more. Browse through our options above to find the right size gas hose kit for your appliance and kitchen.