Opening a Pizza Place: the Basics.

How to open a pizza placeSo, you want to open a pizza place? Great idea! Pizza is one of the top-selling markets in the food service industry. From Margherita to pepperoni to barbecue chicken – there’s no denying it, we as a society love pizza. Deep dish, extra thin, brick oven, the varieties and choices are endless! But before you start your business, there’s a few things you should know first.

Know what you’re going to serve. Create your menu first, then begin ordering equipment. Don’t jump the gun too soon, otherwise you may order items you don’t need, or too much or too little or something. Make sure you know what type of pizza you’re going to serve – traditional style? Or are you going to cater to a niche such as with brick oven or speciality pizzas? What types of crusts will you offer? Thick, thin, pan? And toppings? Will you make your own dough and sauce from scratch? Okay, enough with the questions – bottom line, decide what types of pizzas, toppings, and crusts you will serve; and make sure you have the recipes perfected (tried and tested is a great theory!).

Get all your ducks in a row. Take care of all your planning at the start. In addition to having your menu figured out, decide what type of restaurant you will be – dine-in, take out, delivery, etc. Remember, many people love their pizza delivered to their home!

  • Decide on a location: this is of great importance! Do your homework. Research different neighborhoods and the businesses in the area. Be sure you choose somewhere with plenty of traffic so your restaurant is noticed.
  • Set up a business plan with costs and prices
    • Establish the prices for your menu
    • Estimate your startup costs and also try to limit them where you can
    • As your business gets under way, keep a balance of gains and expenses to maintain a close eye on what you’re earning
    • Set up a system of policies to deal with employee and customer needs

Use the right equipment. Determining what equipment is right for your pizza place largely depends on your menu. This is why it is so important to have your menu established and know what/how much you will be able to make. As always, check your health department codes before buying anything. Generally speaking, when opening a pizza place, you will need equipment such as the following:

  • Smallwares:

  • Go get ‘em, tiger. Once you have everything planned, purchased, set up, and your recipes perfected, you’re ready to go! Owning any type of restaurant is a tough business, so watch your spending, roll up your sleeves, and dig in!

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