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Panini and Sandwich Grills

Take your sandwich making to the next level by means of a commercial panini and sandwich grill. At Gator Chef we offer panini grills in single and double models with heavy duty options to meet the needs of your kitchen. We also offer sandwich grills with either ribbed, grooved, or flat plates. So no matter if you’re grilling turkey avocado sandwiches every day, or you grill a veggie panini on occasion, we have you covered. Browse through our options below to find the right commercial panini grill for your sandwich shop, restaurant, cafeteria, or the like.

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Commercial Panini Grills

Whether you’re making sandwiches or quesadillas, a commercial panini grill is a great way to produce unique menu items for your restaurant. At Gator Chef we offer several types of panini grills to meet the demands of your menu. We provide panini grills constructed for heavy duty, high volume use; as well as panini grills for smaller kitchens making a lower amount of sandwiches. Whatever your demand, we have the panini and sandwich grill to meet it. Choose from a variety of plate materials, configurations, and temperature controls. Browse through our panini grills above to find the right addition to your kitchen.